Masszymes 120 & P3-OM 60 Bundle

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Key Benefits

  • Improves your body’s ability to absorb protein and other nutrients, boosting performance and overall health
  • Helps with bloating, gas, acid reflux, and other digestive problems 
  • Supports your energy levels with bioavailable vitamins and essential fatty acids
  • Infuses your cells with the essential micronutrients they need to rebuild and repair rapidly, promoting fast muscle growth
  • Improves sleep cycle


Product Features

  • This gut health bundle contains 2 items: our Masszymes Digestive Enzymes for Women and Men (120 capsules) and P3-OM Single Strain Probiotics (60 capsules)
  • Plant-based: suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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A Powerful Combination

Depending on factors like age, stress, illness and diet, the reserves of our own digestive enzymes and friendly bacteria get depleted. This leads to issues such as nutrient deficiencies, fatigue, weight gain, and poor skin health: all rooted in poor gut health.

Masszymes is a 100% plant-based highly concentrated full spectrum digestive enzymes supplement. It contains the best digestive enzymes that are active at a variety of pH levels in order to fully support the breakdown of proteins and other nutrients throughout your digestive tract. 

P3-OM contains Lactobacillus plantarum (L-Plantarum): one of the most studied probiotics of all time. This super strain of friendly bacteria has been enhanced to make it extra effective at targeting and attacking the harmful bacteria in our bodies at a cellular level. It even tackles unwanted yeast, mould, viruses, parasites, and other foreign protein-based pathogens, supporting your immune system and gut health.

This Masszymes and P3-OM bundle is the perfect combination of supplements to elevate your body to the next level, helping you optimise your immune and digestive systems, contributing to better overall health performance.



For optimum benefits, take 1-3 capsules of P3-OM alongside 1-3 capsules of Masszymes before meals – ideally on an empty stomach.



For Masszymes ingredients, click here.

For P3-OM ingredients, click here.


Store in a cool dark place away from moisture and direct sunlight. 

Do not use if ulcer or gastritis are present. As with any product, discontinue immediately if adverse effects occur. Please consult a doctor or healthcare professional before beginning any new supplement, diet, training program or if you are undergoing treatment of a medical condition.


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